UV Lights

UV Series

These UV Lights achieved safety and reliability by adopting our unique anti-spark structure. CCS offers a rich product lineup of 9 series and 31 models.

UV2 Series

"These UV Light Units provide superior cost performance.
25 times higher output than the previous models(Comparison with Bar Lights).
For replacement of black lights.

Narrow: The irradiation is concentrated in a narrow range using lenses.
Wide: The irradiation covers a wide range. Lensless type.

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Note: HLV2-24UV2-365 requires the Control Units provided with the output connectors for Spotlights.
The available Control Units vary depending on the input current of lights.


"These UV-LED irradiators are optimum for excitations.
The ""wide type"" irradiator provides diffused irradiation over a wide area.
The ""narrow type"" irradiator provides less-attenuation, long-distance irradiation."