TH2 Series

"Increased brightness better than that of the TH series.
These Light Units are applicable to high-speed production lines to enhance productivity."

LFXV Series

"Industry Leading Flat Dome Light with a Clear Field of View.
Newly developed light-guiding plate.
Available in 10 sizes, for a total lineup of 40 models
Large sizes up to 300mm and rectangular sizes now available
Select from four LED colors: red, white, blue, and infrared
Space-saving case design is thin, compact,and lightweight"

LFX3-PT Series

"A cutting-edge method for inspecting bumps on a reflective surface.

We have two types of line intervals to match your inspection conitions:
1 mm type: The end of the model name is ""A.""
2 mm type: The end of the model name is ""B.""

* The Line Pattern Lights are special order products."

LFX3 Series

High brightness, light-weight compact design, and wide field of view.

LFL Series

Light from the LEDs that are arranged around the periphery of the square shaped light-guiding diffusion plate passes through the plate and produce diffused illumination. Thin-structure design of 6 mm min. (for the LFL-612, LFL-1012, and LFL-50) enables space-saving installation.