PDM Series

These Dome Lights combine the features of three types lighting: dome lighting, low-angle lighting, and coaxial lighting. Each type of lighting can be adjusted as you need.

HPD-PF Series

"High Power Strobe Lights PF Series.

* Dome type.
* Peak illuminance achieves 4 million lx.
* Realizes high-speed and accurate inspection.
* Solves your xenon flash lamp problems.
* Freely adjustable flash timing enables strobing within the exposure period of the camera."

HPD2 Series

"These are ""high-power"", ""uniform"", and ""easy to use"" Dome Lights with three times the brightness of the previous models.
Increased size variations, full color (RGB) models, and infrared (860 nm) models were added in the standard product lineup. Abundant lineup of optional products such as the joint brackets is provided."


"[Not available in Japan]
""FALUX sensing""* enables monitoring of brightness and feedback control.
*Included in HPDS Series only.
Provides diffused light evenly through the dome-shaped reflective panel."