LDL2 Series

"Emitting surface with LEDs arranged in straight lines radiate direct light.
High flexibility in installation is also provided."

LDLB Series

These Bar Lights have a built-in controller to switch between overdrive lighting and constant lighting, and are applicable for long-distance irradiation.

LDL-PF Series

"High Power Strobe Lights PF Series.

* Bar type.
* Peak illuminance achieves 7 million lx.
* Realizes high-speed and accurate inspection.
* Solves your xenon flash lamp problems.
* Freely adjustable flash timing enables strobing within the exposure period of the camera."

HLDL2 Series

Long-distance irradiation is the specialty of these Bar Lights.

OPB-S Series

"[Not available in Japan]
Built-in sensor allows brightness monitoring and
feedback control for long-term stability"